Spokane Food Delivery

The Spokane location is temporarily closed while we re-evaluate our system.  We launched “CDA Food Delivery” 18 months ago and have learned allot about how to create a successful system.  So, in January I felt we were ready to expand into Spokane.  It became apparent to me that, even though our CDA location is successful, we are not ready to launch in a new city.  I have been working hard over the past month to figure out methods that will lead to a successful launch in a new city.  I feel that we should not be open until we work out all of the “bugs.”   Because of this I am leaving the Spokane location closed until September.  I will announce the exact date as it approaches.  The CDA location will not be effected in any way.  Thank you for your patience, Matt Logan (owner CDA Food Delivery). 

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